2 Quick Tips To Buy Golf Clubs For Women

golf clubs are usually different from those of men in design and features.

However, that does not mean picking the best ones is an easy task especially because the Professional Golf Association (PGA) allows golfers to use as many as 14 golf clubs for each round of golf.

Before purchasing these clubs, a smart female golfer should know her body dimensions, swing characteristics and level of golfing experience to make an informed decision. Having the right golf shoes helps also.

Replace your lower irons with suitable hybrids

For women, a standard golf set comprises of 3 woods, 7 irons, 2 wedges and finally a putter. Traditionally, the iron set consists of 3-to-9-irons. These irons ought to match to learn easily how much ground you cover with each one to develop consistence in your shots.

Today, most women find it convenient to replace some of the minor irons with hybrid clubs, which are easier to hit. The lowest numbered hybrid you have allows you to strike the golf ball up to 15 yards shorter than your uppermost fairway wood. Hence, the fairway woods you carry will determine the hybrids you will pick. Don’t get lost in the woods, use a GPS golf watch to help with directions.

Consider a cool titanium clubface

Generally, females are smaller than males, and they swing slower as well. Thus, the features of the club you decide to pick should be modified. If you swing at a speed of 70Mph or higher, then you can do with a 3-, 5- or 7- wood.

However, if you swing at a speed of 60Mph or less, consider buying a titanium clubface that has more loft, which improves your speed considerably. Try a 16-degree loft on the 3-wood and a 14-degree loft on the driver.

You can even get rid of the 3-wood completely and use a 5- or 7-wood. The shaft length should be an inch difference for every odd-umbered club.